'' A surreal, freaky and trippy adventure that delivers a truly unique and interesting Sci-Fi horror experience. ''
- KJ Robertson, alphabetagamer.com
The Story
We need a new toxicologist!

Polymerikum AG was a German chemical company engaged in research into new, so-called "intelligent materials" based on plastics. In 1985, the company bought a considerable amount of land in an industrial area. The intention was to test the newly developed building materials in a large-scale experiment lasting several years. They built a citylike chemical plant where work, living and research were to take place. Most activities were kept in secret.

32 years after the "big accident", in a night of August 2018, the area suddenly reappeared out of nowhere. No one knows where the area has been. It just left a toxic wasteland when it vanished in the 80s. After it reappeared a disaster control team was sent to the area and has been missing since that day.
'' Thank you for volunteering to investigate the area.
Maybe a toxicologist like you can solve the case.
But you're doing this at your own risk. ''
The gameplay
You're an toxicologist doing an investigation in a forbidden area somewhere in germany. Explore a chemical plant from the 80s that mysteriously vanished for over 32 years and still seems to be active. Search for the people that lived and worked there. Find logs and keys, sketches and photos, read notes and documents.

This is a horror game, no need to tell you, that you're not alone in there.

You don't have to look for batteries for your flashlight, but you'll quickly learn how stupid it is to use it all the time. The story may be weird, but it must been told. If something looks uncanny, it actually is. Get the fuck out. People tend to nausea, vomiting, hallucinations and tachycardia in toxic environments. Too many poisonings slowly lead to death.
The Game contains the English and the German version.

All signs in the game are german, to be authentic to the story. If you set english as your language, just go to, look and click signs to get the translation. If there is no translation, the sign is not important.
PC min. configuration
- Windows 7,8,10
- Intel i5,i7 or AMD x4, x6, x8, FX, Ryzen
- 8 GB RAM
- ca. 400 MB freespace
- 3D-Grafics Card
- A Brain (because: puzzles, this is not a ghost train from disneyland)
Download Alpha

Have fun... and a nice nightmare